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Importance of Water

The human body is made up roughly of 60% water, so it follows that it must be the top priority on the path to becoming a more explosive, stronger, and healthier player.

Dehydration in athletes is such a common phenomenon but it is not being addressed proactively. The Russell Westbrooks, LeBron James, and Steph Currys of the world are definitely mindful of their daily water intake, hence their consistent explosiveness and elite level of performance each night.

A human body that is not receiving adequate water intake, especially a basketball player who requires higher-than-normal levels of water intake, will begin to express symptoms. This may be likened to a plant that begins to wither away as it experiences water restriction.

It is important to be mindful of the early warning signs of dehydration and to combine that knowledge with a subsequent increase in water intake.

There is a reason why we as humans can survive approximately 2-3 weeks without food but only 3-4 days without water – it’s the granddaddy of steps towards highly functioning health!

Water is so versatile in its ability to heal and maintain the body.5 Every cell of the human body depends on water for life. Sweating and respiration (and thus body temperature regulation), carbohydrate and protein metabolism, transportation in the bloodstream, flushing waste (urine and stools), saliva formation, joint lubrication, and shock absorption (brain, spinal cord, and fetus) all require water to function optimally.

It becomes clear to see how many injuries may have been avoided and how times for recovery may be significantly reduced by applying the act of greater water intake, promoting blood flow – and thus nutrients and oxygen – to damaged tissues. Necessary for proper recovery!

Remember that this topic is referring to the general daily overall water intake of the individual. This post doesn’t even cover specific competition drinks, electrolyte-loss, specific quantities of water, and the coordination of all of these factors in the midst of a hectic, inconsistent schedule.